Friday, October 1, 2010

Names for the new class pets

Swisgar Swgigeilf, Toke Wartoth, Pickles these I came up with wean I was leaning to dethklok because they are the names of 3 of the band members. Bob is my therapist and hes someone how can challenge me in chess. Becky because that was waindas nickname last year. Stave just because Stave is a funny name my sister named made for a zombie in one of the games she plays.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The main reason I like Dethklok is because the music they make is the only thing that can keeps me sine. With out Dethklok I could end up hurting the people around me and if I ended up doing that I wold not have anyone how I could talk to. If I was not able to talk to anyone and expires how I feel at times I wold explode with anger over the smallest things. I wold most likely end up all alone by now and wold never have known that there really are people in this world how understand the anger I have inside of me.